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Pure, Organic Essential Oils for an Elevated Lifestyle

Shop our selection of oils, blends, diffusers, detox teas, and more.

Organic Essential Oils

Revitalize your mind, body, and spirit naturally with our 100% pure, USDA certified organic, therapeutic-grade single essential oils for health and healing.

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Healing & Energy-Balancing Essential Oil Blends

We combined key essential oils for chakra balancing and wellness. Our proprietary scents will instantly melt away your stress, refresh your senses, unleash your most alluring, feminine energy, and more

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Modern Diffusers

Our sleek aromatic diffusers create an air-purifying, spa-like atmosphere that you can experience with our essential oils and chakra-balancing oils.

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Organic Wellness Detox Teas

Rise and rejuvenate with a burst of energizing citrus, then let notes of vanilla and chamomile melt away fat while you sleep with our USDA certified organic blend of all-natural detox teas for a 28 day teatox.

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Our Mission

We may not realize it, but we mimic nature in every aspect of our lives. Our homes are our nests, our clothes protect us from the elements like bark protects a tree, and we feel at peace standing near an ocean or in the foothills of snow-capped mountains.

Here at Vida Essentials, we believe nature holds many answers, especially when it comes to good health and vitality. Did you know plants are the source of most modern medicine, like aspirin which comes from the trunk of a willow tree?

So when we set out on a mission to bottle the best healing essential oils, we didn't rest until we found the purest and most potent sources from all over the planet.