14 Amazing Benefits of Essential Oils That May Surprise You!


Did you know Essential Oils can help improve the quality of your life? They're extracted from plants to harness their defense system, and serve as the source for all modern medicine, with a powerhouse of benefits. You'd be surprised to find that many of your most common symptoms and illnesses can be alleviated and even eliminated with only a few drops of oil. They can also enhance many other areas of your life as well, such as your mood!

If you're new to Essential Oils, we recommend watching our video: All There Is To Know About Essential Oils in 3 Minutes


Here's Our List of 14 Amazing Benefits of Essential Oils That May Surprise You!


Improved Sleep

Studies show that getting enough sleep improves brain function, increases alertness, and even helps you live longer! It's critical that you get enough rest and also reach deep REM-stage sleep so that your body is getting all of those great sleep benefits.

Recommended Oils: Lavender, Sleep (Blend), Well-Rested (Set)


Clean Up The House (Literally!)

Household cleaners often contain gross chemicals that can be dangerous to your health, pets and children. With essential oils, you can approach cleaning in a safe and natural way by simply combining a few key oils together. Clean effectively while leaving a refreshing scent that you'll love.

Recommended Oils: Eucalyptus, Lavender

Here's A Simple Mix:

2 Cups Water, 1 Lemon (Squeezed), 7 Drops Eucalyptus Oil, 7 Drops Lavender Oil


Soothe Anxiety and Improve Mood

Calming your nerves, reducing blood pressure and regulating your heart rate are essential to reduce anxiety so you can focus on feeling good and positive!

Recommended Oils: Lavender, Frankincense, Inner Peace (Blend), Just Relax (Blend)


Fight Allergies


Every season comes with its surprises. Sometimes you can get through the day without a sniffle, while other days your head is stuffed or you just can't find enough tissue to control the waterfalls coming from your nose.

Recommended Oils: Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Breathe (Blend)


Decrease Stress Levels and Relax

Life is full of bills, deadlines, curveballs, unexpected outcomes and unsatisfying results. Don't let those negatives take control of your life and leave you feeling at the edge of your seat 24/7! It's time you take a different approach. Instead of winding down with a glass of wine or stress-eating, you can achieve the same results with essential oils!

The Calming Approach

Find a nice comfortable place to relax, and drift into calmness.

Recommended Oils: Lavender, Lemongrass, Just Relax (Blend)

The Uplifting Approach

Sometimes the best way to beat stress, is addressing it head-on by giving yourself a positive boost of energy and shifting into an energized, positive mindset!

Recommended Oils: Sweet Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit


Wake Up Refreshed!

Believe it or not, the right scents can dramatically increase your ability to start the day feeling more energized. Breath in, and get your day started!

Add these into your diffuser...

Recommended Oils: Sweet OrangePeppermint, Eucalyptus, Well-Rested (Set)


Eliminate Dandruff

Unless it's snowing outside, it's embarrassing to have white flakes of skin all over your head and clothing. Yuck!

Recommended Oils: Tea Tree, Lemongrass


Treat Burns and Wounds

Accidents happen, and sometimes our bodies need some TLC. Essential Oils can reduce inflammation and even speed up the healing process.

Recommended Oils: Lavender 



Boost Your Youthfulness

In life, we're constantly battling the clock. Each second that ticks forward, our body wants to remind us about the time that has passed. It doesn't have to be this way.

Recommended Oils: Frankincense, Lavender


Fade Away Stretch Marks

After losing weight or having a baby, you might find stretch marks on your body that weren't there before. While you should love your body first and foremost, stretch marks should never have the permission to test your confidence. Feel good about showing off your beautiful body, don't looks for reasons to cover it up and conceal. 

Recommended Oils: Frankincense


Clear Diaper Rash

Creams and lotions are really expensive, and only go so far. Plus, those unnatural chemicals can be rough on your baby's sensitive skin.

Recommended Oils: Frankincense, Tea Tree, Lavender


Headache Relief

Nothing is fun with a headache! And the worst part is, they come out of nowhere, so preparing for them is next to impossible. With oils that offer a wide range of benefits, you can be sure an effective remedy is always within reach.

Recommended Oils: Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender


Enhance Your Immune System

Don't wait until it's too late. Build up your body's defense mechanisms so it's prepared to take on a variety of illnesses that might come your way unexpectedly.

Recommended Oils: Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemon, Frankincense


General Pain Relief

Pain can happen all over your body, and essential oils can provide pain relief in many areas. Pain relief is one of the most common and desired uses of essential oils.

Recommended Oils: Peppermint, Lavender 


To continue learning about the benefits, various uses, and many hundreds of recipes for Essential Oils, be sure to check out our blog and recipes page! We also have many different oils, blends, sets, and diffusers you can choose from at Vida Essentials.