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Aromatherapy Complete Beginner Set with Lightwood Diffuser + 5 Organic Oils



15 ml/ 0.5 oz bottle

Create the atmosphere of each room with its own scent while getting the health and beauty aromatherapy benefits of essential oils! This complete set comes with five 100% USDA certified organic, pure and therapeutic grade essential oils that each have a wide variety of benefits!

Aromatherapy Diffuser

This sleek and modern aromatherapy diffuser has natural, wood-grain appearance with natural lines for a soothing aesthetic. Add your favorite essential oil to immediately experience the benefits:

Special features:


Essential Oils



Lavender - This is one of the most important essential oils to have in your collection! Lavender has been shown to reduce depression, anxiety, balance emotions and help promote healthy skin.


Tea Tree - Great for the skin! Helps kill germs, treat blemishes and naturally repels insects.

Lemon - A bright, citrusy smell that's full of antioxidants! Lemon is a powerful antibacterial, enhances mood, and energizes.

Eucalyptus - Great for treating cold and flu symptoms. Clears airways, fights congestion, kills airborne bacteria and removes odors.

Frankincense - The ultimate essential oil! Its warm scent promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety and depression and is a great addition to your moisturizer or skincare routine; it has been known to block free radicals and have anti-aging benefits.