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15 ml/ 0.5 oz bottle 

Have trouble with focus and concentration? We feel you. Focus can help jump-start your brain. Keep this blend on your desk or by your computer while you study for your best work. This unique blend helps stimulate brain function, supporting efforts of those who have difficulty paying attention and staying on task. Ylang Ylang and Nutmeg promote a sense of calm, while the benefits of Balsam Peru and Vetiver fights with anxiety and insomnia. It’s the perfect mix!

What’s Inside? 

Palmarosa: Treats dehydration and promotes the production of stomach acid.

Nutmeg: Stimulates the brain and therefore removes mental exhaustion and stress.

Balsam Peru: Reduces anxiety and stress.

Ylang Ylang: Strike a balance between your emotions and logic, keeping you levelheaded and calm for deciding your next move.

Vetiver: Relieves insomnia.


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Vida Essentials guarantees that every drop of our essential oil is 100% pure and natural. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your purchase - No Questions Asked!

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