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Boswellia Rivae



Frankincense is considered to be the “Swiss Army Knife” of essential oils. Ithas an ancient reputation as a wellness elixir that dates back thousands of years, where it was applied by royalty as an ointment to reverse signs of aging, soothe skin imperfections, and create an overall feeling of euphoria and tranquility. Its scent is unmistakably warm, earthy and has a light, pleasant musk.


How it's Crafted

Each bottle of our 100% pure Frankincense oil is sourced organically from its native home of Ethiopia. It is carefully steam distilled from the Frankincense plant resin found in the Southeast Ogaden region.



Promotes anti-aging

Reduces anxiety

Treats asthma

Treats bedsores

Treats bronchitis

Fights common cold

Soothes cough

Treats diaper rash

Regulates emotions

Fights fatigue

Treats flu symptoms

Treats laryngitis

Eases menstrual cramps

Prevents nightmares

Treats rheumatism

Heals scars

Heals stretch marks

Heals wounds

Treats fungal infections


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