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Immunity Boost

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Immunity Boost Essential Oil Blend
Guard against pollen, dander, bacteria and other seasonal threats with our Immunity Boost oil that exquisitely combines organic eucalyptus, organic clove bud, organic cinnamon, organic rosemary, and organic lemon. This unique blend not only protects, but also works to detox and purify your system while acting as a natural digestive aid and memory booster.

Eucalyptus Benefits
Cleanses toxins, great for sinuses, natural odor remover and air cleanser

Clove Bud Benefits
Powerful insecticide, accelerates healing, relieves pain

Cinnamon Benefits
Antibacterial; odor remover; natural aphrodisiac; relieves menstrual cramps, colds, and signs of depression

Rosemary Benefits
Fights asthma, bronchitis, joint pain, and aging skin

Lemon Benefits
Cleanses and purifies your system, aids digestions, calms stomach, relieves coughs


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