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Inner Peace



With so much going on around us, like endless notifications, chatter and reminders, it’s difficult to quiet the noise that’s constantly buzzing around our heads. For when you need to enter a complete state of Zen, look to find some peace and quiet with our inner peace blend, which combines a calming blend of lavender, cedar wood and frankincense.

What’s Inside?

Lavender: Relaxes the mind and treats anxiety as well as symptoms of depression.

Lavendin Super: Boosts self-esteem, confidence and helps uplift and balance moods.

Orange: Helps fight airborne bacteria and germs, increases libido and helps reduce anxiety.

Geranium: Balances mood, improves circulation and lowers blood pressure.

Cedar Wood: Calms nerves and treats anxiety.

Wild Marjoram: Eases respiratory system, offers extremely deep relaxation, promotes healthy sleep cycle.

Omani Frankincense: Promotes digestion, reduces signs of aging by regenerating healthy cells, boosts immune system 


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