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Inspire Me



15 ml/ 0.5 oz bottle 

Creative blocks are the worst. Some days, the art just pours out of our pencils, paintbrushes, hands and souls. Other days, it’s difficult to be inspired to come up with so much as unique thought. It’s times like these where our senses, mind and spirit need to be reawakened with bright, energizing bursts of citrus.


What’s Inside?

Mandarin Orange: One of the best oils for calming rattled minds.

Lemon: Powerful agent for detoxification that improves mood and alertness.

Bergamot: Spicy-sweet aroma that improves circulation to the brain to get those ideas flowing.

Tangerine: Opens your mind and re-energize with this striking citrus oil

Lime: Antioxidant-rich and packed with nutrients for your mind, body and spirit to operate at full potential.

May Chang: Keeps the spirit healthy and helps purify the air around you

Lemongrass: Revitalizes the mind and body and help increase the connectivity of neurons

Fir Needle: Earthy and uplifting, to keep you grounded and help jog your memories of important information


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