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Love Potion



15 ml/ 0.5 oz bottle 

The art of seduction is such a refined craft. Did you know scent is the strongest sense linked to memory? Create unforgettable ones with your newest secret weapon for the battlefield that is love.

What’s Inside?

Each bottle of our Love Potion blend contains the passionate aromas of: rosewood, patchouli, geranium, may chang, orange, muhuhu, petigrain, ylang ylang

Rosewood: Uplift your senses to safeguard your heart.

Patchouli: Surround your aura with a seductive, intriguing force.

Geranium: Light florals gives your feminine vibe a sweet enhancement.

May Chang & Orange: Brighten up and energize with this combination burst of citrus.

Muhuhu: This grounding scent also smooths skin to reduce signs of wrinkles and aging

Petigrain: Helps ease anxiety to dial it back and play it cool around anyone you encounter.

Ylang Ylang: Strike a balance between your emotions and logic, keeping you level-headed and calm for deciding your next move.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Smells Wonderful

Wonderful to have in the bedroom !

Smells nice

I really like this scent in my essential oil diffuser for evenings before sleep. It says "love potion" but for some reason it relaxes me more than blends advertised for sleep. The aroma isn't heavy or cloying, it's perfectly light and even my nosedead husband enjoys it.

Smells good

I don't know that this oil works for the purposes it states, but I do love the smell. It's very fragrant, and unique smelling. I enjoy using it in my diffuser, but don't expect that it will cause anything more than a pleasurable smell.


The oil came on time. It has a lovely scent, something that I might wear just because it is not overpowering. I don't tolerate perfume, but this is nice. For me the 'love potion ' is not its strong suit, just an easy wearable and pleasant scent. The company is very reputable.

In LOVE with this Blend

This stuff is great in my diffuser! Love the smell. Good for romantic settings!