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Relax Set with Light Diffuser


This set is balanced with two blends and two individual essential oils to create a state of deep relaxation.

Relaxing seems like a luxury instead of a requirement these days. Our bodies and brain need to reset and that can only be done after a night of deep restful sleep. We have paired this set with all of the essential oils used to promote relaxation, from the quieting the mind to relax the body from aches this set is your all in one when relaxation seems unattainable.

Relax Set Contains 2 Essentials Oil Blends, 2 Organic Single Ols (15ml each) and a Light Diffuser

LAVENDER: Increases slow-wave sleep, instrumental for slowing heartbeat and relaxing muscles. Rub 2-3 drops of lavender oil in your cupped palms, then use the inhalation method to draw the scent all the way into your amygdala gland (the emotional warehouse) in your brain to calm the mind. Then, rub on the feet, temples, wrists (or anywhere) for an immediate calming effect on the body.

SWEET BASIL: Known to alleviate mental fatigue, migraine and depression; used for calming effect; clears the mind and provides mental strength;  has diaphoretic, stimulant, carminative, and expectorant properties; revitalizes dull hair and skin; used in treating acne and skin infections. Also, offers health benefits for your digestive system due to its carminative properties, basil oil helps to reduce indigestion, constipation, stomach cramps, and flatulence.

INNER PEACE: These 7 are the leading essential oils for uplifting moods while quieting the mind. It contains:

Lavender: Relaxes the mind and treats anxiety as well as symptoms of depression.

Lavendin Super: Boosts self-esteem, confidence and helps uplift and balance moods.

Orange: Helps fight airborne bacteria and germs, increases libido and helps reduce anxiety. Geranium: Balances mood, improves circulation and lowers blood pressure.

Cedar Wood: Calms nerves and treats anxiety. Wild Marjoram: Eases respiratory system, offers extremely deep relaxation, promotes healthy sleep cycle.

Omani Frankincense: Promotes digestion, reduces signs of aging by regenerating healthy cells, boosts immune system.

Orange helps fight airborne bacteria and has qualities to help reduce anxiety. While Wild Marjoram offers deep relaxation as it helps promote a healthy sleep cycle.

JUST RELAX: Cedar Wood, Sweet Orange, and Ylang Ylang have been combined in this blend to promote a deep, meditative relaxation state.  It contains:

Cedar Wood: Calms nerves and treats anxiety.

Sweet Orange: Helps fight airborne bacteria and germs, increases libido and helps reduce anxiety.

Ylang Ylang: Promotes mental and emotional balance, eases symptoms of anger and stress, and lowers blood pressure.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Vida Essentials guarantees that every drop of our essential oil is 100% pure and natural. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your purchase - No Questions Asked!

How to Use


Aromatic Diffuser: Add 7-10 drops to the diffuser.

Headache: Add 5 drops to a warm towel and place on forehead. You’ll feel so relaxed, as if you're floating in the clouds!

Diffuser Bracelet: Apply 1-2 drops of oil, every third or fourth lava bead and then swirl the stone in a circular motion. This will allow the oils to seep into the holes of the stone. The stone's porous compound absorbs the oil and diffuses it for up to 8 hours!

Relaxation Room Spray: Create an aromatic room spray that smells delicious and calms. This unique blend helps around your home for a mood enhancing, calming and soothing & feel-good air freshener. Add 10 drops of Just Relax to a spray bottle filled with 10 ounces of water. Shake generously and spray your couch, pillow and throw blankets!

Add 5 drops to a warm towel and place on forehead.


Dilute with a carrier oil of your choice such as coconut, grapeseed, avocado, olive or almond to absorb through your skin.

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