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Create Your Zen: Set of 5 Essential Oils + Diffuser



Create Your Zen Essential Oil Bundle

This combo set of essential oils and a diffuser lets you instantly turn any space in your home into a sanctuary, with three single oils that you can get creative with DIY, such as with such as making your own skincare, household products and more. The blends are designed to take you to a place of zen once you kick off your shoes, so you can enjoy those well-deserved moments of relaxation.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Vida Essentials guarantees that every drop of our essential oil is 100% pure and natural. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your purchase - No Questions Asked!

The Create Your Zen Set Contains 3 Single Oils, 2 Blends & 1 Diffuser (15ml each)

  1. LAVENDER: Relieves anxiety, uplifts mood, promotes tranquility and peace, antibacterial.
  2. EUCALYPTUS: Powerful decongestant, soothes sore throat, clears mind, kills airborne germs.
  3. PEPPERMINT: Relieves headaches, increases alertness and focus, promotes long-term memory.
  4. INNER PEACE: Quiets your mind, balances emotions, improves mood.
  5. JUST RELAX: Lowers blood pressure, eases grief, uplifts senses, improves mood.

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Great value with the selection of oils included

Great value with the selection of oils included. First time using aromatherapy and I think I made a great selection with your product, thank you.


This is amazing. I purchased it for my daughter's birthday and she loved it.

Nice Kit

This was one of my better purchases. I received the Diffuser along with a sturdy box of (5) essential oils (good quality) approximately 5 days after ordering it. The diffuser is perfect for the bedroom. It has several different colors that glow while you're diffusing. You can program the diffuser to have a steady or alternate flow. Its as quiet as my other diffuser (which is smaller). I leave it on my nightstand in my bedroom.... It looks cool. It runs all night on one fill up, so no need to add water that frequently. I liked it so much, I bought my sister one. The price was under $100 and I think it was well worth it. I run it nightly and it keeps my sinuses clear and helps me sleep better at night without the stuffy allergy nose. Great product, great price !

Love it. Would buy again.

This works great. It's a really good value since it includes oils and was packed perfectly. Thank you.


I am obsessed! I just received my diffuser exactly as described. Everything is working perfectly. It's small and looks beautiful on my bedside table.