Essential Oil Bead Bracelets / Lava Beads

Silver Lion



Ground down like Earth and look forward to new beginnings with this stunning adjustable bracelet handcrafted from lava beads and a lion’s head charm. The lava beads are extremely porous, making them the perfect diffuser for your favorite VIDA essential oils, and the chord is made of durable, non-elastic material that won't break down from essential oils.

Lava bead metaphysical properties

Lion head symbolism

In addition to strength and courage, lion heads symbolize great prowess and control, not just of your physical state, but your emotional and subconscious. Wear lion head charms to attract this powerful energy.

How to use with essential oils

Add 1 drop of VIDA essential oils to every sixth bead for a total of 3-4 drops on your bracelet. Re-dose every 4-6 hours for maximum benefit

Recommended Oils for This Bracelet

Root Chakra Oil, Frankincense, Cinnamon Bark, Tea Tree, Sweet Basil


The bracelets come in a 7” length but adjustable clap adds up to and additional 2” and are handmade with environmentally friendly materials, sensitive-skin-friendly materials and love.