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Sweet Basil

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Ocimum Basilicum Linalool

One of the world's oldest medicinal herbs, basil was used in ancient India to treat colds, coughs and mucous discharges, diarrhea, dysentery and gastric conditions, headaches, heart disease, inflammation, malaria, poisoning and venomous bites, skin diseases, and vomiting.

It would be administered as a juice or mixed in teas, infused for massage, or the fresh leaves were applied to wounds. The Roman naturalist, philosopher, and writer, Pliny (24-79 AD), considered basil to be an aphrodisiac and good for treating flatulence and fainting fits, whilst the Greek physician Dioscorides prescribed basil for headaches.

Top 10 Sweet Basil Essential Oil Uses:

  1. Antibacterial
  2. Circulatory health
  3. Respiratory inspection
  4. Headache
  5. Stimulant
  6. Bug bites
  7. Antiseptic
  8. High cholesterol
  9. Rheumatism
  10. Cold and cough
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